Farm in Uganda

We have thoroughly enjoyed our extended season in Alaska. This time has been a chance of a lifetime for us. From experiencing the presence of God on the frozen Arctic Ocean to watching a whale breach in Prince William Sound we have been immersed inthe beauty and majesty of our Lord. Many family members and some friends have joined us here. Dan has had wonderful co-workers at the hospital as he served American Natives and honed his surgical skills. We also were really blessed to have time to write the revision of our first book. The new one is BETTER! It will be released in early September and is called 7 Secrets of a Supernatural Marriage.

In some ways we feel that the Spirit has had us hidden these past months. As we head back to Texas Malachi 4:2b expresses our feelings, "And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall." Our initial ministry after getting home is near Houston. Come join us in Tomball, TX with Joan Hunter and Melody Barker for the Restore conference July 31-August 2! God is going to do astounding things there!

The World is Wide Open

Jason Upton has a song in which he sings, "The world is wide open, wide open, wide open..." He is singing our song! Currently SMM has invitations and desire to go to the world next year. Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, India, China, Pakistan, Mexico, Canada. Please pray with us that we will be in the right places at the right times. Timing is so important in this season of tremendous harvest. Send us, Lord!

And speaking of nations, we want to share with you new information about our brother and friend Pastor John Richard Mubiru and his lovely wife Rose with Amen and Amen Ministries. They live in Kampala, Uganda. We spent a week with them in 2011, and were very impressed with their hearts for the Lord and all the work they are doing in the nation of Uganda. Since then we have joined with them in several ministry projects.

John Richard oversees many village churches and is connected to All Saints Church which is in the largest slum in Kampala. Next door to his primary church on the outskirts of the city SMM, through the generous donation of friends, was able to purchase a small parcel of land adjoining the orphanage and school where they currently care for over 100 children. A piggery was built as well as a big chicken coop. These have been a tremendous blessing, providing food and funds for the care of these kids.

The piggery has been so successful that John Richard has hopes of managing a 5 acre farm filled with vegetables that can, like the piggery, provide food and funds for the children. His goal is to become self-sustaining through the use of these agricultural assets. We are quite excited about this! With your help, we can raise the $50,000 needed to see this dream realized. Will you help us? Will you help feed these precious children in Uganda? Any gift you give will be greatly appreciated. Click here and select "Amen & Amen Orphanage" to help buy the farm. E-I-E-I-Ohhhhhh!

Poverty in Africa and all over the world is not too big a problem for our Almighty God!!! It is so much fun to partner with Him as He crushes satan under our feet (Romans 16:20)!


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