Board of Directors

Dan and Linda Wilson

Dan and Linda Wilson are co-founders of SMM, created to encourage Spirit-led intimacy in marriages through speaking, teaching, writing and personal counseling. They love going around the USA and to the nations as marriage missionaries.  Dr. Dan was an eye surgeon for many years helping thousands with  their physical vision. Now Dan and Linda cast the vision of supernatural marriage to the worldwide bride of Christ. They have been married thirty-three years and reside in Fort Worth, Texas.

Bob Beaver

Bob Beaver is the pastor of Christian Church of San Angelo. He and his wife Rachel have been married thirty-six years and reside in San Angelo, Texas. They have two children and two grandchildren. Bob's stated goal is simply to walk with God; to walk by the voice of the Lord.

Scott Marlar

Scott Marlar is a businessman in Dallas, Texas. He and his wife, Rissa, recently returned to the United States after three years of ministry in Auckland, New Zealand.

Married for thirty-one years, Scott and Rissa are thrilled to experience the Holy Spirit blessing marriages and bringing glory to the Father.


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