Saved from Black Magic

My name is N. I do black magic and witchcraft. I threaten people and grab money from them telling them evil prophecies. Since many years I had no peace and I was fully occupied by demons. I tried to commit suicide. In the month of January I came to know about the Good News Festival. I disguised myself that nobody can recognise me. I hid myself and sat in the meeting and heard the love of Jesus. I felt peace there. I left black magic and witchcrafting. I got prayed for by Dan & Linda. From that day till today I am attending church. I want to lead my life witnessing of God’s love. Thank you couple Dan and Linda.


Supernatural Healing

My name is Lakshmana Rao. I am a daily wage worker. My son is suffering with severe stomach pain. I took him to many hospitals. There was no use. Some of our neighbours suggested me to take him to black magic, but it was of no use. In that situation I heard about the crusade and attended the prayer with my son. I got prayed by Dan & Linda. Miraculously my son was sweating so much that his shirt became wet. Since then he has had no pain. It was a great miracle in my life. Thank you for praying for me.


Miraculous Restitution

My name is Venkatesh Kumar. I am a goldsmith. Every day before going to work I worship idols. In such situation, my shop was robbed. Robbers took away all the gold ornaments and went away. I was left with 5 lakhs ($7,000) debts. I didn’t know what to do. Our neighbors invited us to the meeting. I and my wife attended the meeting with so much agony and pain. When we saw couple I was wondered for their happiness. We both got prayed by Dan & Linda. Later the next week the police were able to identify the people who robbed me and all the money and gold was recovered from them. I totally believe that Jesus is true God. Thank you for your prayers.


God Provided!

My name is Bhavani. I am from a Hindu family. I was preparing for government job entrance exam. I made three attempts already and failed. I was so much upset. My age is growing and I cannot qualify for exams. Only one attempt left for me. At that time two brothers came to my house and invited me to crusade where couple are coming. I without interest attended the meeting. Through Dan’s message about love I got hope and belief. I also got prayed by Dan & Linda. I believed that God would do a miracle. I wrote my final attempt exam, and passed! To my surprise I was called for a job interview. I didn’t prepare for the interview but could do it good. I was selected for the job. It was a great miracle in my life. Thank you for your prayers. I am attending church now, and am looking forward for water baptism.


Marriage Unified!

My name is Nagamalleswara Rao. I had 3 children. My wife and I can’t stand on one side in any situation. If I say yes she says no. When our pastor announced how to do the three leg race I thought that we will surely fall down and all will laugh at us. But anyhow we started the race and came first. It was unbelievable for us. Then we realised how success we get when we work in coordination. Thank you for the idea.


Profession of Love!

My name is Anitha. I am married 8 years back. My husband is a daily wage worker. We did not have children yet He never complained about me for not having kids. In that situation many of his relatives started asking my husband to get married to another woman. But he denied every time. At that point of time we attended the Supernatural Marriage Conference and in that conference my husband gave the reasons why he loved me and expressed his love to me. The expression was so fresh like we are newly wedded couple. Now my heart was filled with joy and no pain of having no kids.


Marriage Strengthened

My name is Kishore. I am an electrician. While doing the work my hand got a shock and as a result my left hand bent a little. From that day on I am not able to do my work properly. My wife took care of me and her love towards me was incomparable. At that time I was told there was a couple’s conference in the church. I attended the conference and it was not like we expected. We both participated in every event. I got a chance to express my love towards my wife and poured out all my words and it made her very happy. Thank you for encouraging us with new ideas to make our relation strong.


Provision of Food

My name is Fakirayya. I am physically handicapped. I have no family and I am not able to work. I am a beggar in railway station for many years. Suddenly I didn’t find people in the station. The workers there told me that there is lockdown and no one will be coming to station. I starved for 1 week. I only drank water and ate grass. I thought I will die out of hunger. At that time you came with food in your packet. I ate it for 2 days. I thought again I should starve. But you again gave me the food. I was alive today only because of your God’s love. Thank you for giving me food throughout the lockdown.


Food for the Family

My name is Govindamma. I am a widow and I have 4 children living slum. I used to work as a maid in a house. Due to corona the owners told me not to come for work. I tried to convince the owners that I will take all safety measures and come for work but they were not willing to give me work. I inisisted him if you don’t give me work, me and my kids will starve and die. But He refused. I am a woman and I am not able to go on roads in search of food. We starved for 3 days without food. I saw you distributing essentials to the surrounding people in my area. I felt ashamed to ask you for food. But you came to me and gave the packets. At that time tears rolled on my face. Till that time I thought Jesus is not God for all. But seeing the help I believed that Jesus is the only God. All these two months we are eating and praying in our hut.


Provision of Groceries

My name is Yanadulu. I used to sell bananas in the bus station and feed my wife and two daughters live in roadside huts. Due to corona virus police told me not to sell. I am helpless and was worried of how to feed my family. We are starving at home and due to lockdown we can’t even go out. At that time you came and gave me food supplies and grocery packet. We were excited seeing them. We were able to use the groceries for many weeks. Thank you for saving our lives from hunger death.


Supernatural Healing!

My name is H. J. I am from a family that does not believe in Jesus. I heard about the conference and attended it. My wife is a diabetic patient. She will fall unconscious suddenly. I am worried about the future of my children. I took her to many hospitals but it was of no use. With burdened heart I came to conference. When Linda prayed for my wife she got new strength. From the day of the conference we checked her sugar levels several times but all of them are normal. Now I believe that Jesus is the only God.


Marriage Restored!

My name is V. S. I had 2 children. My husband and I am living separately since one year due to some family conflicts. My neighbor told me to come to marriage conference. She invited my husband also. When I heard the message I felt that the sermon is for me only. After the conference I am thinking to talk to my husband but meanwhile he only came to me and felt sorry for his behavior. I didn’t expect this from my husband. When we both went home my kids and all my relatives were shocked to see us. Thank you for conducting such a good conference.


Lost & Found!

My name is V. S.  i am a widow. I am a milk seller. I have 3 cows and they are my source of income. One day three of them was missing. I cried a lot. I came to prayer and got prayed by Dan and Linda. The next morning the cow itself came back home. Thank you for praying.


Brothers Unified!

G. T. had 2 daughters and he is working as a truck driver. He and his brother had many conflicts regarding their father’s property. They both live in the same house. Every day they both are quarelling about the property. Nobody was able to solve their problem. When Dan prayed for him he felt heavenly peace in his heart. Miraculously the other day his brother came to him and asked for forgiveness. Now their property problem was also settled.


Supernatural Pregnancy!

K. J. is a neighbor who lives near our church. She was married 7 years back and had no children. Her husband and mother in law blamed her for not having kids. She showed Linda her stomach and asked to pray. Linda placed her hand on the stomach and prayed for her. The next month  she got a positive pregnancy test. Now her entire family is attending church.


Restoring Marriages

I am super excited about how the Lord is using y’all to stand in the Heavenlies for marriages!

It is a passion of my heart that was born out of the enemy destroying my marriage.

I was excited to read that blog and share your post in the wake of several close friends whose marriages have been destroyed by adultery recently, a close friend struggling with homosexuality and her marriage being destroyed because of it and just this week getting the devastating news that one of the girls in our youth group recently had sex.

It makes me so mad that the enemy is stealing and making a mockery of the gift God has given! I want to see marriages healed and restored!

Keep fighting! I know that He created marriage. It was His idea. And He likes it! He is for marriages. He can restore marriages and is restoring marriages and wants to restore marriages. The deeper couples can go with Him the deeper they can go with each other in marriage and the deeper they can go with each other the deeper they can go with Him. It’s such a beautiful thing!!!

And it all leads up to the most beautiful marriage of all!!!

See. I am pretty passionate about it!

Love y’all. Praying for y’all. Looking forward to that (Lovemaking) book!!!    


Healing of Allergies

My name is S. N. I am 25 years old. I had skin allergy since 2 years. I was not able to work in the sun due to the allergy. Linda hugged me with love and prayed for me. Within 2 days the skin allergy disappeared. Though I work in the sun there is no irritation for me. Thank you for the prayer.


Miraculous Healing!

My name is R. M. My age is 60 years. I am working as a farmer. During the sugar cane cutting in the farm my leg was injured. As I was a diabetic patient my leg didn’t recover. I am suffering the pain since 15 days. When I came to the prayer Dan prayed for me and within 3 days the injury is getting healed. It is only because of your prayer. Thank you.


Hearing Restored

My name is S. F. I am working in a farm as a laborer. My left ear doesn’t work properly. I could hear only with right ear. The doctor in our area told that I should go to some corporate hospital. As we are poor my husband told me to adjust with one ear. Gradually my left ear was not able to work properly. I am more worried about this. Linda placed her hands on my ears and prayed fervently for me. Though I cannot understand the language I can feel the meaning. Later when I checked myself , I was now able to hear with my two ears. Because of shy I didn’t give my testimony at that time. Now I want to tell everyone about the healing God gave me.


Miraculous Pregnancy

My name is D. R. I am working as a attender in a school. I was married in the year 2005. I had no children. Me and my wife are depressed so much. My friend in school invited me to the dedication service. When I came, the things Dan said moved me. Later I got prayed with Dan and my wife with Linda. While they were praying for us my wife felt a flash of light. We believed there is power in prayer. My wife didn’t get her period and when she tested it was positive. But we didn’t believe because we want be sure by going to the doctor. The doctor scanned and told that she was pregnant. We are shocked hearing that and from now we are attending the church. Thank you Dan and Linda for praying.