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The message of Supernatural Marriage is relevant worldwide. We have been blessed with the opportunity to teach this truth around the globe. People are the same in Kenya, China, India and the "uttermost parts of the earth. " It is our experience that the people groups who are most hungry to hear the Good News may be isolated and impoverished, but are often rich in love and good deeds. We want to take the message to them. Your donations enable us to go!

Supernatural Marriage & Missions uses contributions to strengthen marriages and assist orphanages throughout the world. Dan & Linda carry the love and truth of Jesus wherever they go, participating with churches in which they see the supernatural hand of God at work. This ministry is committed to being a good steward of all donated funds. It is our prayer that you will be blessed as you give.

Financial Disclosure: Dan and Linda Wilson receive no salary or other form of financial remuneration for their work with Supernatural Marriage Ministries. SMM relies on ministry volunteers. The ministry is certified by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donors will receive annual written verification so that contributed funds can be deducted from their personal income taxes to the extent allowed by federal law.

100% of all funds designated to the projects below will be given directly to the specified orphanage. All other donated funds will be used in SMM general ministry.

Steve Hill Memorial Fund

Not long before his illness was discovered, Steve and Tonya Hill spent two weeks in India with a Supernatural Marriage & Missions team. While there they ministered to the poorest of the poor with hearts overflowing with love and compassion.

After hearing of Steve's passing Pastor Emmanuel of Hope Mission near Vijayawada, India sent these words: "I still remember his innocent smile. He was such a humble man." Steve was a friend to many and ministered to thousands. His life is a fond memory to all who knew him.

100% of donations made to the Steve Hill Memorial Fund will be directly used to support ongoing mission efforts in India.

Hope Mission Orphanage

Hope Mission near Vijayawada, India rescues desperate children, giving them a loving and safe living environment. Pastors Emmanuel and Nissi have big hearts! We are really impressed with their abilities to evangelize and plant churches, and their desire to bless the poor. In addition to the children living at Hope Mission, many others receive food and childcare before and after school hours.

Other projects by Hope Mission include the building of hospice-type homes for impoverished widows, church construction, and pastor training. Your donations to SMM helped purchase water buffalo that produce milk and income that help provide for the needs of the children at Hope Homes.

Amen and Amen Orphanage

Pastors John Richard and Rose Mubiru oversee Amen & Amen Ministries on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. They do marriage ministry all over this beautiful nation, plant village churches, lead a primary school, run a small orphanage, and provide nutritional support for more than 100 children. You can see some of these sweet children dancing with Linda in the photograph. They are precious in His sight!

Amen and Amen is now managing a farm along with a piggery that produces food for the children and some added income. We love seeing ministries trying to become self-supporting. Your donations are doing this!

Hope for the Children

Beijing, China is home for a wonderful orphanage known as Hope for the Children. It is a miracle that a Christian children's home is allowed in China! We have personally visited this home many times over the past thirteen years. More than 80 children have been adopted into the U.S. from this orphanage.

This is a happy home with kind caregivers who make the orphanage a real home for the kids. Much love is shared between the staff and the little ones. A special memory we enjoy is when we watched the children eat pizza with chopsticks. Amazing!


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