About Supernatural Marriage & Missions

Every Sleeping Beauty wants the man of her dreams to kiss her, awakening her to a marriage where they live happily ever after. Every Prince Charming desires a wife he can love. Supernatural marriage is not a fairy tale. You can know the secrets to enjoy the ultimate marriage experience with your mate. Do you want your marriage to be super? Of course, you do. Everyone hopes their love relationship will be above and beyond the norms for society. Who wouldn’t want their marriage to be satisfying and good?

Think far beyond what you have expected in the past. Kick it up a notch. Freely consider the possibilities for marriage that are beyond what you have ever asked for or imagined. Dream of having a marriage described by you and others with these words: phenomenal, astonishing, astounding. You wanted and still, want your marriage to be like heaven on earth. So does God. This is the kind of relationship you desire deep in your heart. You and your partner were created for the highest level of marriage available on earth: Supernatural Marriage.

Every husband and wife has the opportunity to intimately connect with God through the Holy Spirit. This spiritual communion gives them access to the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, and the presence of the Prince of Peace. They are transformed into the supernatural spouses God intended them to be.

Dr. Dan & Linda Wilson are marriage missionaries who encourage Spirit-led intimacy in marriages around the world through conferences, teaching, writing, and personal counseling. It is their desire to raise the standard bar for Christian marriage extremely high so that many believers might recognize the glorious beauty planned by God for this divine union.

Although supernatural marriage is the primary focus of the ministry, the Wilsons take Jesus’ call to compassion for orphans and widows seriously. To date, SMM is substantially helping orphanages in India, China and Uganda, and assisting with church growth in Rwanda. An additional goal of the ministry is the construction of hospice-type homes for aging, impoverished widows.

Please consider joining Dan & Linda through prayer and financial support in sharing the good news of supernatural marriage and assisting in the care of widows and orphans around the globe.

Board of Directors


Scott Marlar is a businessman in Dallas, Texas. He and his wife, Rissa, returned to the United States after three years of ministry in Auckland, New Zealand. Married in 1982, Scott and Rissa are thrilled to experience the Holy Spirit blessing marriages and bringing...


Bob Beaver is the pastor of Christian Church of San Angelo. He and his wife Rachel have been married since 1977 and reside in San Angelo, Texas. Bob's stated goal is simply to walk with God; to walk by the voice of the Lord.


Dan and Linda Wilson are co-founders of SMM, created to encourage Spirit-led intimacy in marriages through speaking, teaching, writing and personal counseling. They love going around the USA and to the nations as marriage missionaries.  Dr. Dan was an eye surgeon for...