I am super excited about how the Lord is using y’all to stand in the Heavenlies for marriages!

It is a passion of my heart that was born out of the enemy destroying my marriage.

I was excited to read that blog and share your post in the wake of several close friends whose marriages have been destroyed by adultery recently, a close friend struggling with homosexuality and her marriage being destroyed because of it and just this week getting the devastating news that one of the girls in our youth group recently had sex.

It makes me so mad that the enemy is stealing and making a mockery of the gift God has given! I want to see marriages healed and restored!

Keep fighting! I know that He created marriage. It was His idea. And He likes it! He is for marriages. He can restore marriages and is restoring marriages and wants to restore marriages. The deeper couples can go with Him the deeper they can go with each other in marriage and the deeper they can go with each other the deeper they can go with Him. It’s such a beautiful thing!!!

And it all leads up to the most beautiful marriage of all!!!

See. I am pretty passionate about it!

Love y’all. Praying for y’all. Looking forward to that (Lovemaking) book!!!