My name is Govindamma. I am a widow and I have 4 children living slum. I used to work as a maid in a house. Due to corona the owners told me not to come for work. I tried to convince the owners that I will take all safety measures and come for work but they were not willing to give me work. I inisisted him if you don’t give me work, me and my kids will starve and die. But He refused. I am a woman and I am not able to go on roads in search of food. We starved for 3 days without food. I saw you distributing essentials to the surrounding people in my area. I felt ashamed to ask you for food. But you came to me and gave the packets. At that time tears rolled on my face. Till that time I thought Jesus is not God for all. But seeing the help I believed that Jesus is the only God. All these two months we are eating and praying in our hut.